Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas shopping!

It actually Tues,Dec 5,2006 11:00 P.M.
So I was out christmas Shopping and almost come up around 300 dallors for everyone,not including myself and my boyfriend.

I Bought

My sista
Noun n Anthony-Bath Spa Kit n Drinks
Something(I don't want her to know if she reads this)

Nieces N Nephew
Sokuntea-Scarf n Gloves plus bunnies Rabbit Slippers
Victoria-Lego Blocks
Valeny -Story Book With Fun Kit inside
Birthday-Princess Slipper plus Picnic Teddy Kit

Toeun-Ralph Lauren Polo Scarf
Syn-Seahawk stuff
Vanneat-Black Slipper
Vannak-Calvin Klien Pants PJ

Sista in law-Bath set or Purse

Friends-For Birthday n Christmas Present
Rasmey-Foot Spa, n Candles
Sophia-Foot Spa n LipChap Gloss
Tanisha-Monkey Stuff Pillow and Vanilla Bath N Body Kit

I'm happy that I got done early this year.