Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mac Hello Kitty Haul, some other min haul, Rae at 8 and 9 week

Baby Rae at 8 and 9 weeks old she talk alot, these past 5 days she been fussy at night, like starting 9:00pm to 11:00pm she cry straight through no matter what I do she won't calm down. I hope she doesn't have colic. On our next doctor appt. I ask her about it. She happy in the morning though. She really smiley too. She doesn't poop as much maybe 4 times a day and I notice she wakes up once or twice a night now, thank goodness.I started work yest, I miss her so much but I'm okay. I'm lucky though cuz the system went down so they sent us home, it rarely happen. Co-worker thinks I jinx it lol. So yest on my way home from work I stop by my local Macy and pick up fav Hello Kitty makeup from Mac, when I came home Danny made me spaghetti it was the bomb. I'm glad the babysitting arrangement work out for now, schedule is Sat Sun-mom watch, Mon sister watch, Tues Wed the husband watch, and Thurs Fri- I watch.

I say I'll get the brush set n beauty powder but I change my mind when I saw it in person, cuz the beauty powder doesn't show on ur skin to well, and the blush show much more pretty color so I got both Tippy a pinkish blue undertone n Fun n Games a soft peachy coral color. They didn't have the brush set and I heard bad review on it, like it not the same quality as the the full size original brush that mac have. Honestly I just like the brush holder it come with but for $49.50 I past for a plastic holder.I also got the Lucky Tom eyeshadow cuz it look pretty and I probably can make alot of looks with it. Then I grab mac liquid eyeliner cuz it a gorgeous khaki brown gold color it not hello kitty though.

Here is the swatch sorrie the pix is blurry but the color is more vibrant in real life. My baby scratch the far yellow color (creme royal) when I was showing her it.

Mini Haul I got at Victoria Secrets on Jan,26 $7.99 baby tank and sweatpants for $9.49 it was on clearance and for each item u buy u get a free mini Dog which value at $10.00, great buy so can't past that up.

Same day I also got Gwen Stafani perfume call Music its sparking pear ,fruity,vanilla,honey suckle, sweet pea, and sleek wood smell. The packaging is too cute and smell so good. Lil Angel is my sec fav which I'm getting latter. I bought the bigger 1. oz size for $45.00 I might collect them all cuz they are so cute.

Lastly I got this Skin Food BB cream awhile ago from eBay for 16.00 dallor plus free shipping. I be lives it a Korean or Taiwan brand? But I like it, it work as a tint moisturizer foundation that help heal ur skin and help improve ur skin. It got SPF 20 which is good. So if I wear this I used just that for my face.I really recommend it and good price.

Nan show me this necklace n bracelet at for 50 something buck it gorgeous but I past on that only cuz it kinda expensive for me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bad Habits, Good Deals

Trying to break old habits is hard. When I buy groceries like exp fruit n vegetable, somehow it's always get wasted and it annoyed me but it like I forget about them n it expired on me which suck, I dunno maybe because once I eat a meal I don't usually snack unless their people around me. Like when their an apple or orange and it not peel I don't usually eat them, but when I go to my mom house I be eating it like crazy. Basically I usually don't eat if I'm home by myself. Another bad one is I take to long in the shower, I say 40 min and that not counting the blow drying my hair, and if I shave it's longer.(I can be fast if I wanted to though) Another one is yeah I take a long time to get ready, my husband alwy nagged me to hurry up. The number one thing though is procrastination which can really torment my life from cleaning, to getting something done, but yeah my new year resolution is to try to change that.

I happen to look on the Stila website at and I was like amazed how expensive my contour set kit I got from Costco are for example the contour alone is $38.00 dallor , and for one of the lip glaze crayon it's like $16.50 n the Costco give u two set. So if I do the math it total up to $71.00 and that's just crazy so I save alot because it was only $15.99 at Costco for the whole set.n it come with a brush, I'm happy and it work really good I recommend it but I don't know if it in every Costco. A couple days ago I saw Stila lipglaze at Costco for three of them at $18.00 for the full size , that's a great deal because just for one lip glaze it retail for $22.oo but u get THREE full size, so that kewl I might get it but I dunno I'm not really a gloss person and mine alwys gets lost. So yeah some Costco carry Mac eyeshadow for cheap but my Costco don't have it. So yeah if you like makeup check it out. I just like Costco in general though because u can save money in alot of things. I go their almost every week or two. I buy all my baby diaper n wipes, water, etc., their. I saw this couch set at Costco that I really like , which I wanted to buy but can't right now because I bought freaking brand new couch a couple month ago(I regret buying it to huge n soft, kinda sink in when u sit) which I'm still making payments on, at MOR they don't let u return it once u buy it=( I pro try to sell it on criaglist or give it to mom, will see..Yeah I'm always looking for bargain, I will never pay full price on clothes I wait till it almost out of season n buy it,or use coupons. T J maxx is also my fav place u can find department store makeup for cheap n perfume, and outlets mall, Ross, Nordstorm Rack ,walmart, EBay,marshall, amazon. Criaglist too but I haven't bought anything from their yet.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mac Hello Kitty

yup I'm excited about the new hello kitty collection from mac launch this Feb.I'm really careful when it come to spending money,but this is to cute to resist.I went through a phase where I want everything hello kitty exp. the stuff kitty doll.Their be a bunch of stuff from the line: eyeshadow,lip gloss,blush,beauty powder,mirror,etc.,
With that said, I'm getting only the beauty powder n the mac brush set.
Mac beauty powder for $22.00 , Mac brush set for $49.50