Friday, January 16, 2009

Rambling,Shopping=New Purse,Victoria Secrets Haul,China Glaze Haul or nail Polish,Eyeliner Haul

Hi everybody this is my new blog post in years,will want made me decided to start updated again is because I kinda just want to write a journal,and with my sister I decide to jump start this again.My main focus would mainly be about my baby Raejeny.She was born on Dec.07.08 at 3:56a.m. and it the best and tiring change of my life.I also be talking about fashion and beauty, exspecially lately all those YouTube video really got me into makeup.Sunkissbreeze is my user name I used for many things.I picked the name because one I love the sun it make me happy on sunny days,two I like the sunkiss look(kinda like freckle and bronzer).In general though this blog will range from anything I like or encounter,or just to express my thoughts. Movies, Health, Music, seen or hear, shopping,etc.,
So Today I'm excited that my Victoria secrets from the pink line came.The reason why even consider to ordering online because they had their semi-annual sale.I love their pink line and I kinda waited to long to order that lots of the selection ran out like color and size wise,still I made the best of what I purchase.I also actually went to the local mall but it was just so hectic I could not even shop and I had my husband n baby with me so I didn't want to rush and get something I'll regret,so I'll figured online would be easier,neway I wanted some sweat pant but they ran out the selection so I just ended up buying t-shirt and sweatshirt.Lately I'm into comfort exp. after you just give birth and kinda gain weight(which I'm gonna start working on losing) u just want comfort and pink line is so cute anyways.At the mall that day which I believed was 2 wks ago I bought this lovely coach purse that I can carry as an everyday purse,it leather so it will last long,I have quite a few collection of purse which I post about another time.Then a couple days ago I got some Victoria secret from beauty rush eyeliner glittered in several colored.The colored are fun but quality wise they just average,sometimes the glittered get all over my eyes after several hr.I got a lotion n bath shower gel.I also bought 17 china glaze nail polish.Actually one was Opi.Both are good quality for nail.Will pictured of the haul be up.


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