Friday, March 20, 2009


A quick update of what going on in my life, just busy working and watching the baby. I kinda got lazy to take picture and post up, but I actually have a lots of collective haul I been buying because of deals that I found and can't resist. Bought alot of stila from beauty crunch, new phone, drugstore haul, and a little mac haul. Planning on getting a cambodian cookbook( I know how to cook a few) from amazon, and just baby stuff. With all these haul somehow I have to try to manage to pay bill. I have the hospital which is over 2,000, and my car payment, then rent etc., but I'll be posting my collective haul and review soon. Raejeny just keep on getting cuter by the day. (I mean she always been)


yomamasbabymama said...

omg thats a lot. i do wanna see some pix tho! i was gonna start a blog here too but i havent received my dam color contacts yet grrr.... i dunno whats taking the girl so long to send them T-T i wanna put together a bbq or something sometime soon at sunnyside beach (you can see pix on myspace its really nice) when it gets nice again~ like monday! and u and ur sis can bring the little ones and stuff! want to?