Saturday, January 17, 2009

Haul pix n Rae Progress

Baby Rae update progress: at six week of age tom. on Sunday actually,I'm gonna post her pix every week,see her growth spurt,cute in purple, some of her front hair fall out which is normal, she more active,play more,make eye contact which she been doing,make baby sound..taken 1.16.09

This is trapeze style the white n blue is made from organic cotton which is kewl

Two cute shirt I actually want a blue instead of white but still cute,n i love this football style sporty shirt

both grey hoodie i wanted the a black with piece sign but they are out stock,so grey is cute goes with everything
the pink line still in their package ,came yesterday

my lovely leather Sabrina can fit alot of things,not to huge it perfect size,bought couple week ago

came in a box wrap up

at Costco i found this cute stila contour makeup came with a brush n 2 lip crayon,they have warm n cool tone,i pick the warm one about $16.00 bought one for myself also one for a friend.

at the mall last week i got some lotion at vic. secret buy 3 for 11.99,smell good,then 2 days ago at walmart i got st.ives my fav face wash.Same day i got my coach purse i got 2 lotion at bath n body for their semi annual for 3.00 a lotion, got pineapple cuz my husband like it,n i pick cherry blossom .i was in need of bath gel so i got that n the sugar vanilla cupcake smell yummy.

i saw this color swatch online n it look nice,it a neutral purple with pink undertone ,soft n nude i like,got this the same time as my china glaze it's call puerto vallarta violeteta
Beauty rush from Victoria secrets glitter eyeliner.I been in search for colorful eyeliner lately to play with my makeup,plus it make your eyes pop so I decided to grab these,look blue but it's teal,sliver,gold,and purple.The one in the far left is actually a nude pink beige color eyeshadow it was 5 for 20.00 which is 4.00 each.
Okay I love these creme color one the most these all my fav:left the right: Mom chiffon, nasty, spantoeous, aqua baby, and for Aubrey my fav like tiffany n co. color
Queensland's clay, Melbourne maurve, venti triple shot latte I was trying to find a nude color but I dunno haven't try it yet, V, tender touch

This glitter n shimmer finish.Top coat for the top layer of course, black diamond i saw black sparkle so pick it, midnight ride, rodeo fanatic, emerald sparkle and ruby pumps gorgeous red


8GlassofWater said...

Wow Reajeny is growing so big, she look really different from before. Cool need color it look fun. When I have money I'm definitely going to invest on some eye make up I got inspire by the video I posted. Anyways...You buy lots of stuff still.

naptrualbrownbeauty said...

I love your "Haul", very impressive. I might share one, but one that is inexpensive, girl I still dont know how you do it "ballin" :)

naptrualbrownbeauty said...

P.s. I love the hand bag, and do you order the opi online or in store? price?

SunKiss said...

hey keyondra
some reason i can't leave a comment on ur page,but yeah it look better this way ur hair,and that good u taking those vitamin i should start too,i have them just lazy to,but i gotta get healthy,u know what funny i thought i had u on my blog list all this time the blog call allnaptural,but it was a diff person i thought it was ur blog until i saw her pix,but now i know lol.the opi was online that the same place i ordered my china glaze it cheap like 4 sumthin,n china glaze like 2.65 chk out the site shipping it 11.00 dallor but came 3 days after process went through.yeah i like the video idea since i don't get to see u in person it seem more live even though it isn't.imma start doing that too hehe.yeah i feel like im addicted to shopping but i must calm down.