Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mac Hello Kitty

yup I'm excited about the new hello kitty collection from mac launch this Feb.I'm really careful when it come to spending money,but this is to cute to resist.I went through a phase where I want everything hello kitty exp. the stuff kitty doll.Their be a bunch of stuff from the line: eyeshadow,lip gloss,blush,beauty powder,mirror,etc.,
With that said, I'm getting only the beauty powder n the mac brush set.
Mac beauty powder for $22.00 , Mac brush set for $49.50


kimi said...

OMG i was gonna buy some new mac eye shadow but i'll wait until this comes out hehehe

Ahleessa said...

Thank you for adding me as a follower! :) Are you married to a Korean? I'm just wondering because your last name is Pak... hehe~ By the way your daughter is so cute! :)

SunKiss said...

yeah he korean, i know a little korean.thks for the comment on my daughter.i like ur beauty blog.

kimi yeah cute huh it won't realease till the 13th i believe chk mac website.