Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bath Body work, Inner self true being

wow their allot i want to talk type about right now, first off I'm so into bath and body works product lately u know my all time fav scents as of now is Secrets wonderland is just so yummy and everything i smell it like and not to strong either fruity and nice. I also love Dark Kiss which stay on u all day and it a mix of berry vanilla and kinda cotton candy at the same time which i like. My fav type though is the body cream hand down. N taking a shower with their triple moister cream is feel so divine and pamper.The cream is just luxurious and really moisten ur hand without greasy feeling. I also am very into their candle right now too,I bought cotton candy cuz i love sweet candy scent, pink pomegranates, Caribbean escape, I also have vanilla bean noel which smell very yummy and frosted cupcake which smell kinda like cookie. My fav is pink pomegranate i also have that in scented oil form.I just seem to truly enjoy all these great smell goody things lately. A couple years ago when I did have bath and body product i never enjoy them as of now. I think because they really improve and they have great deals and I actually running out of secret wonderland and I bought two more back ups that how much i love them.They were having buy 3 get 3 free. I think before I'm not really a lotion person but not anymore i just feel so luxurious and pamper every time i use it. I aslo like the new country chic which just came out it like fruity and floral mix into one kinda pineapple. I like it but not so much as Secret wonderland or Dark kiss my two fav.Japanese cherry blossom is also my other fav. I dont really like the regular Cherry blossom I like the Japenese cherry it's so much better.I guess i love smelling good hehe.The candle make me feel good too, when i burn the candle the room feel so serenity and calm.

So moving on, the best way for me to feel at peace is just living in the moments, cherish it. I never been feeling so free and at peace since as of now. My pass is all full of worry about the future or thing i did or other people did. But you know what that doesn't matter. Now is what we living in bringing the past is just holding on resentment and making you stress. I feel like I found what I'm wanted in my life as of this age, also wanted to know and be in life. It just enjoy what is at this moment because that is all u feel is now. just having nature or flower is such a wonderful beauty I always dream of when I was little having this dream of thought that I'm lying in a field full of flower, also passing a bunch of cherry blossom is just awesome. I just really appreciate nature and it beauty. I feel like I am at inner peace and that excepting even your pain of menstrual cycle that we women have just letting flow out of you, the energy passing just feeling it release or help ease the pain instead of resisting it because that just part of your pain body. It just me but every time i type and this blog go to auto save it keep skipping into other part messing up my typing process kinda annoy o well.Any ways when you let go of resistance u well feel at peace if u just surrender and let your being feel fully presence and feeling ALIVE.=)Peace!

Ps im been eating ok lately like eating salad alot but i still eat carb but try to cut down and mainly eat salad and fruits and that make me feel good too.Smell step but im get their.